Tommaso Niglio’s Cucù

Cucù is one of the most characteristic objects of Matera’s artistic craftsmanship. It is a clay whistle in the shape of a rooster, worked and decorated by hand. In ancient times it was seen as an almost mystical object able to ward off evil spirits. Over the years this “colorful rooster”, also decorated with flowers and birds, was enriched with the meaning of fertility and was offered as a gift by the pretender to the future bride on the day of the engagement. Tommaso Niglio is one of the most representative artists of Matera’s history and culture. Gathering the inheritance of his family he has transformed into art the craftsmanship of his father and his grandfather. Today the Cucù of Tommaso Niglio , with the addition of those little symbols of the identity and history of Matera, are appreciated all over the world.